#2: Self Esteem & Confidence

We’ve all had the experience of feeling “down” about ourselves – and as anyone with poor self esteem can tell you, it’s a slippery slope.

Feeling inadequate, stupid, or “less than” translates into other areas of your life pervasively. You may find that you’re turning to “comfort foods” to escape your negative self image. In more dangerous clinical cases, some people actually develop body dysmorphia which can lead to eating disorders.

When you have low self esteem, you’re more likely to feel depressed and sluggish, you’re also more likely to find ways to escape being “you”…

That escapist urge can lead to addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, and even external stimuli like television, video games, and the internet.

Low confidence levels can cause you to miss opportunities that could improve your life – like a better job, new career opportunities, romance, and a whole host of areas of your life that could be improved with more self confidence.

Self-Hypnosis is a tool for changing your inner dialogue. Rather than trying to convince yourself that you’re worth self-esteem and self confidence, you can subconsciously change your mental patterns and find reasons to hold yourself in high-esteem more naturally.

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