#1: Weight Loss

There are really only two major ways to use Self-Hypnosis for weight loss. Both have been shown to be far more effective than “fad diets” in numerous clinical trials, and both of these methods can be used at the same time to help you live a healthier lifestyle without having to summon al your willpower or avoid your favorite foods.

1) You can increase your motivation and desire to exercise. Imagine that you suddenly craved a long walk or a trip to the gym – suddenly it would be far easier to make time each week to get your body moving, wouldn’t it?

We all know exercise is important, and it’s actually doing three things for you (when you’re actually motivated to get out and do it)… First, it helps increase your caloric expenditure.

Burning calories alone isn’t necessarily enough to make fast strides in weight loss, but it can help offset your caloric intake, meaning that you’ll at least stop gaining weight as fast as you may be gaining now.

Second, exercise may increase your metabolism. This really depends on how much exercise you get, and how intense that exercise is. Be warned though, one workout isn’t enough to permanently boost your metabolism. Unless exercise becomes a regular weekly routine, your body will normalize back to your current metabolism within about 24 hours.

However, by creating a new exercise habit with hypnosis, you can start enjoying the “afterburn” effect on a regular basis. That’s what happens when your body burns more calories after a workout, and depending on your workout intensity, you can burn as much as an extra 150 calories AFTER you’ve stopped your workout.

This makes your exercise routine pay off even more, by helping you burn calories while you’re not even working out.

Third, a regular exercise routine will improve your general fitness level over time. This has less to do with “fat loss” and more to do with muscle toning, strength, and physique. Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat – and as you exercise more, you may not see results on the scale as fast as you notice a difference in the mirror.

We all know that exercise is important, but old habits are hard to break.

Hypnosis, at it’s core, is all about changing habits and behaviors subconsciously. If you want to exercise more then Self-Hypnosis can help give you the subconscious urge to get out of your seat and get your body moving.

Other “Side Benefits” you can look forward to as you exercise more regularly include:

  • Improved mood
  • More energy
  • Enhanced Self Esteem
  • Better Sleep
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved libido and sexual performance
  • Better overall life satisfaction

The second method fo weight loss with Self-Hypnosis is to change your eating habits. By subconsciously altering your eating habits, you can decrease your appetite, and eliminate cravings for unhealthy (junk) foods.

This helps you decrease your caloric intake, so that your body has to tap into it’s fat reserves for energy. Removing junk food cravings helps to reduce the amount of sugar and other ’empty calories’ that your body has to store as fat.

Again, it’s all about habits. Breaking bad eating habits on your own can be an uphill battle, but when you use Self-Hypnosis to change those habits on a subconscious level, you can finally take more control over your nutrition.

By simply cutting out a few unhealthy food cravings and replacing them with the urge to eat more leafy green vegetables and drink more water for instance, you can cut down on your daily calorie intake while giving your body the benefit of better hydration, more fiber, vitamins and minerals.

It can’t be stressed enough that this is more about a holistic view of your overall health than it is about simply removing the fat. Changing your eating habits can give you health benefits far beyond a simple weight loss goal.

We’ve all heard doctors tell us to and “Eat healthier and exercise more” – but overcoming your own inner resistance can be challenging. Self-Hypnosis helps you avoid that inner conflict, making it far easier to live the kind of healthy lifestyle that produces a healthy body.

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