The Top 10 Most Popular
Uses For Self Hypnosis

Discover how Millions of people use Self-Hypnosis to transform their habits and improve their lives…

Most people find out about Self-Hypnosis when they see a Hypnotist in person, but some uninformed folks stumble upon it having never been hypnotized before. People who are new to Self-Hypnosis generally want to know what it can be used for, and the simple answer is:

“Anything that you can directly control about your life.”

In the past 14 years, we’ve seen clients use Self-Hypnosis for a MASSIVE array of reasons, and to hit a dazzling number of personal goals, and all of them were changes that our clients could control without needing to change other people or the laws of nature.

The main criticism we hear is that Self-Hypnosis only works if you actually WANT the outcome – comparing it to self-help books and other means of personal development.

The striking difference that sets Self-Hypnosis apart from your typical self-improvement book or seminar, is that it removes the need for willpower and determination.

Nearly all plans for self-help rely on the user taking control of their circumstances through (essentially) brute force and determination. That’s fine, for the small minority of people who can summon the determination they need to make a change.

Take losing weight as an example. Self Hypnosis for weight loss is an increasingly popular topic because there are multiple self hypnosis techniques you can use to make the end goal of losing weight easier. You can use self hypnosis to decrease your appetite, increase your exercise motivation, increase your desire for healthy foods and water, and much more.

This is the real power of Self Hypnosis, it allows you to make systemic changes to your habits, behaviors, and routines. Since most self help plans put you in the position of fighting against those routines and habits, this makes self hypnosis a very powerful force of positive change.

For change to come easily and last, it’s got to come from a deeper level.

And when you see the most popular uses for Self Hypnosis Techniques, you’ll get a peek at the wide range of difficult life changes people make every day with Self-Hypnosis, where other methods and “sheer will” alone failed.

WARNING: Some of these uses are medical in nature. Yet keep in mind that Hypnosis is not designed to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases, but is often used in the overall treatment strategy for a select group of medical issues. If you suffer from a medical condition, please talk to your doctor before using self-hypnosis, and ask them about the best way to work a self-hypnosis routine into your overall treatment strategy. As a reminder, never use self-hypnosis while driving or operating machinery, and always use self-hypnosis in a relaxing environment where you can completely relax without danger or distraction.

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