Self Hypnosis: The Power of the Mind Brought to the Front and Center

For as long as you put your mind to it, you can do anything, so goes the saying. It’s one thing to take it as a good nugget of advice, though, but absolutely another to take it literally and then put it to action.

This is precisely what Scottish William Sichel shows everyone as he credits the practice of self-hypnosis for his ability to participate in – and successfully finish – ultramarathons. He is 60 years old.

Self Hypnosis

After completing a grueling 6-day race in Arizona, Mr. Sichel shares with the Herald Scotland his secret:

He said he listened to hypnosis courses on his MP3 prior to the endurance event, which saw him cross the finish line on Friday after completing more than 470 miles in the difficult Arizona desert climate, in which temperatures change from 20°C to -2°C in hours.

Yet, along the way, Mr. Sichel was able to set 17 new records, including a world best, taking his current career tally to 94, including 77 long-distance running records.

He said, “I’ve been doing more and more work in self-hypnosis. It helps the brain cope with the overwhelming fatigue and to accept it has to go further than it’s gone before. For most of the race I was in a semi-hypnotic state.”

And he isn’t about ready to call it quits on competitive running. His next goal is to collect some more 71 records from this point until his 65th birthday some four and a half years from now. Of course, he would continue to train not only his physicality, but his mind as well, still with the help of self hypnosis.

It is stories like Mr. Sichel’s that piques the curiosity and interest of many folks in this practice. It has been said that practicing self hypnosis techniques can lead one to accomplish whatever goal they may set their mind on, whether it be a six-week marathon in the scorching Arizona desert, or weight loss in a matter of weeks.

The main point of self-hypnosis is to put the person in a state of complete relaxation, from head to toe, by picturing it in the mind. In other words, think it until you become it. Intense focus and concentration are obviously going to be required in order to complete this task successfully, but it has been said that once it you are able to do it, you will enter into a trance-like state.

The longer you stay in this state, the deeper the level of your hypnosis goes, which is essentially an indication of your progress as a hypnosis practitioner. Some physicians and psychologists also openly use hypnosis to aid in the treatment of their patients’ physical, emotional, or emotional dysfunctions.

(Article and Image Excerpt from “Self-hypnosis is key for endurance runner aiming to set 165 records by 65th birthday,” Herald Scotland, 6 January 2014)