Realizing, Practicing, and Experiencing the Power of Self-Hypnosis

One of the most misunderstood procedures is hypnosis, which also includes self-hypnosis. Some of the more common myths that have clouded the minds of millions of people include the notion that it involves magic spells, it puts people to sleep, and it has negative effects on people’s health. Despite all these, more and more people are practicing it and experiencing its benefits, like the one reported by The Herald.

“He said: “I’ve been doing more and more work in self-hypnosis. It helps the brain cope with the overwhelming fatigue and to accept it has to go further than it’s gone before. For most of the race I was in a semi-hypnotic state.”

Across the Years is an annual endurance event in which participants aim to complete as many circuits of mile-long course in various time periods, from one day to six.

Mr Sichel – one of only six who attempted the full six-day race – finished first in his age group, setting a new world record for men aged 60-65, and fourth overall with 472 miles completed.”

The 60-year-old runner credits the method for helping him achieve his fantastic feat, which debunks the myths and misconceptions surrounding it. One may start wondering what other areas it can become helpful, and how?

self-hypnosis is key for endurance runner aiming to set 165 records by 65th birthday

Improving one’s health

Through hypnosis, a person can improve his health, overall well-being, and quality of life. Smokers who have been struggling and failing all their lives against the vice can put an end to smoking through hypnosis. Moreover, people who are having a hard time shaving off those excess fats can use self-hypnosis for weight loss.

Better relationships and outlook

With the guidance of professionals like The New Hypnotists, people can also improve the way they deal with the people around them. Hypnosis can bring forth a more positive outlook in life, which translates to success in handling relationships as well as in work.

(Source: Self-hypnosis is key for endurance runner aiming to set 165 records by 65th birthday, The Herald, January 6, 2014)