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Not Everyone can be Hypnotized right away… But EVERYONE can use Self-Hypnosis in a week or less, thanks to this new (and complimentary) training program. Inside our beginner’s self-hypnosis course you’ll unlock 7 FREE Online Training Videos, one each day for the next week. We took all of the most effective strategies and boiled them down to the pure essence of what you need to learn quickly to have real success with Self-Hypnosis. We made it so simple in fact, that you can easily and reliably learn Self Hypnosis in just

one week, whether it’s for weight loss or relaxation. However, you’ll get no shortage of insider knowledge from us, because we’ll arm you with answers to the most frequently asked questions, as well as prepare you with simple safety tips and strategies to make sure that each self-hypnosis session you treat yourself to is as rewarding as it is effective. This “Accelerated Mini-Course” is 100% pure training content with absolutely nothing for sale in any of the video lessons.

Module #1: Introduction

First off, we’ll cover the most important safety points, and get you up to speed with the smartest ways to make sure you learn self-hypnosis FAST. Having a good groundwork is crucial, so you’ll learn everything you need to build a strong foundation over the remaining six videos.

Module #2: Induction

This video teaches you about the simple yet mysterious “Hypnotic Induction.” The induction is a relaxation and focusing exercise that’s designed to increase your suggestibility while bypassing the critical factor – you’ll learn what that means exactly, and how to induce Hypnosis by yourself…

Module #3: Treasure Chest

This is the first of two features that are unique to our self-hypnosis philosophy. The treasure chest is a technique we developed to help you leave any nagging thoughts or distracting ideas at the door. This technique lets you focus and clear your mind without forgetting all the important stuff you’ve got to keep juggling.


Module #4: The Zip-File

This is the second innovation we’ve brought to the field of self-hypnosis. When you use the zip-file technique, you’ll be able to condense the suggestions you give yourself down to a simple visualization. The entire process takes about 30 seconds to execute. In the process, you’ll end up eliminating the lengthy script writing, rehearsal, reenforcement, and repetition that usually go into a self-hypnosis regimin.

Module #5: Deepening

Self-Hypnosis is often more challenging for new students because it’s hard to effectively deepen their own relaxation (one-on-one hypnosis has an upper hand when it comes to deepening, unless you know these specific techniques). You’ll discover exactly how to deepen your own Hypnotic state – which means you’ll be able to get the EXACT results you’re hoping to get each time you self-hypnotize.

Module #6: Suggestions

When you use the zip-file technique to ‘upload’ your suggestions at high speed, you’ll be able to make sweeping (and highly positive) changes very quickly. It’s important that you get a quick lesson on how to create your suggestions – because there are five deadly mistakes rookies make with their suggestions that cause you to UNDO all the good work you’re trying to do, if not actually make things worse. Taking a few minutes to learn the right way and the wrong way will save you in the long run.

Module #7: Awakening

Last but not least, it’s time to learn how to wake up. Seriously, this is actually important. It’s REALLY easy to allow yourself to fall asleep after a good self-hypnosis session, which is NOT useful if you’re trying to sneak in a session before work (for example, not that I’ve made that exact mistake before ;-). Thankfully, it’s easy to awaken from even the deepest self-hypnosis sessions feeling awake, alert, motivated and energetic. All you need to know how to do is effectively set the right expectations BEFORE you go under.

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