How to Prepare For Self Hypnosis Success

Do you have to go to a training seminar or take a live course to safely achieve self hypnosis success?brain-at-work


Do you have to have any special equipment or music to successfully get into a deep state of Hypnosis on your own?

Not at all.

Is self-hypnosis a safe activity to try without ANY prior education? Yes and no.

First of all, in the world of Hypnotherapy, there is a saying that “All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis” – which simply means that the Hypnotic state is identical, regardless of whether or not you get there by yourself, or have a Hypnotist guide you.

The reason that’s important to know, is because the “Hypnotic state” is actually a very natural and common mental state. You go in and out of what we call “Hypnosis” every time you: [Read more…]